Alphenj Shui and choose healthy life

What is Alphenj Shui?
  • Sometimes we feel comfortable in a certain house more than other without any apparent reasons.
  • Feel uncomfortable when visiting a friend’s house.
  • We would prefer a single room in the house over the other rooms.
  • Suffer from headaches and discomfort for no apparent reason.
  • All of the above is associated with the cause of how positive energy flows on a regular basis in a place.

This concept of a regular flow of positive energy in a place is known as Balphenj Shui. It helps to balance a sense of psychological and Alarataaj and affects our relationship with the place and even our happiness everyday.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese concept which originated more than 3,000 years ago. It is based on the implicit concept that everything around you, from the smallest details of the furniture to decoration, has an impact. It either works on strengthening the balance of life, or it causes an imbalance in the overall situation. Through your understanding of micro-currents of bioenergy that pass through your body, or flow through everything around you in this universe, you can create the appropriate atmosphere to help you achieve the desired goals, both at your place of living and work.

“Feng” means wind and “shui” means water. In Chinese culture, the wind and water are linked to good health. Aiatmd Alphenj Shui is based on the Taoist vision and understanding of nature, and is particularly on the idea that the earth is alive and full of “chi, or energy.”

Determine Alpajua

“Alpajua” is an integrated map to create a life full of energy with great impact on spirituality, creativity and strength.
Alpajua map consists of eight parts that are related to the external surroundings of man and the internal world.

Alpajua is a tool that helps you determine the appropriate and correct location of the furniture inside the home or office. Every part of the map links to a different area of ​​your life, and every part of these eight parts affect the other parts. In order to achieve the desired happiness and balance in your life, it is necessary to understand the reasons in the environment of your organisation and expand your interests in the circle Majalatk. For example, as per the traditional concept of Alphenj Shui, the North side is linked to success in business and is symbolized by the water element. So, to reinforce this energy, use water elements such as fish in that direction.

Also, the North-East side is linked to the self-growth card. The East side is linked to health and family card, South side is linked with fame and reputation card, South East with abundance of money card, South-West with marriage card, followed by West that is related to innovation and children card and North with the travel card and receive assistance.

To apply Alpajua, map it onto the map of the house with the first axis at the entrance and in the same direction completely, so that you can identify the reservoirs and the extent of the shortfall link the form of home lifestyle. Examine structural deficiencies in the house, do interior design study and do the distribution, accurate arrangement of furniture for the distribution of energy.