Lilia Villas

The project was designed to match the requirements of the Saudi middle class segment. These villas accommodate upto seven people to live comfortably with ample space allowing free movement inside. The villas have modern designs and colors to suit the taste of the target audience.

The project is comprised of two sites: Block A and Block B. The first site (Block B) with a site area of 8306.58 m2 consists of 27 villas with 3 types of villas; all of them having private swimming pools. The second site (Block A) with a site area 13499.12 m2 consists of 44 villas with three types of villas. All the villas in both the sites are duplex, but only the villa number 57 in block B is a separate villa.

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Lilia the brand

The branding of Lilia Villa is an apt one, with the name being derived from the Latin word ‘Lilium’ which means beautiful lily flowers. The same word in Hebrew stands for “All what is owned by God”. The implied meaning is that of God’s act of creation and his norm by which all living things thrive on earth. At the same time the lily flower holds in itself a sense of comfort and security, something that is embedded in the core of this magnificent real estate project. The elegant flowing font of the logo and the colour of the same is inspired from the soothing colour of the Red Sea next to the city of Jeddah, which the site of our first residential project, Lilia Vilas.


عند عرض هذه الخريطة على موقعك، سترى الأماكن
التي تم حفظها على الخريطة.
لن يستطيع زوار الموقع مشاهدة الأماكن التي تم
حفظها – ولكن يمكنهم مشاهدة خريطة تم تصميمها
خصيصًا لهم.

Master Plan

Discover several options of LILIA Villa models that are designed to satisfy your desires.


Lilia villas project is considered the first residential project for Inmaia Real Estate company. The project is located in the urban extension of Jeddah in the direction of the north at Al Hara main road and Madinah road.

  • Near King Abdullah
    Sport City

  • Only 15 Kilometers
    from the Jeddah Airport

  • Near North Jeddah and
    the New Specialized Hospital

  • Near King Abdul Aziz University
    (North Jeddah branch)

  • The project was designed to fit the Saudis middle class segment. The villa will accommodate seven people to live comfortably in spaces that allow easy movement inside.
  • The requirement of the targeted segment regarding the area, the space and the prices were taken into consideration.
  • The villas were designed according to modern designs and colors, that suit the target population.

Construction Update